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June 2012 Newsletter 

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Reflections: Keeping the flame alive
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Reflections: Keeping the flame alive

As I start writing this month's reflections it is 19th May and the Olympic torch has just left Land's End here in Cornwall on the journey around the British Isles. Even someone uninterested in sport can be inspired by the symbolism.

The flame representing the Olympic spirit was carried all the way from Athens in protective 'Davy lamps'. Only the commentators local to Cornwall seemed to realise that these were designed by Penzance-born
Humphrey Davy as a safe way for miners to carry a light underground. There were three spare lamps in case one went out.

As the flame was used to light the first torch of 8000 that will be carried by nominated individuals, I thought about all those people taking a part in keeping the flame alive. Many of them have overcome great trials and adversity and have supported others.

For you: some suggestions for your journal or meditation reflections:

  • How do you keep the flame of your spirit alive in dark times?
  • What renews your energy and light?
  • How can you bring light to those around you?
My first thoughts included: gratitude; knowing when to let go and move on; faith; connecting with joy. I will be meditating more on this exercise, it will help with a new workshop I am developing for October on the theme of 'reflection and renewal'. Do share your thoughts by commenting on the blog or by email if you feel inspired.


"Boosting your confidence and self esteem"

Fiona Crump is running this two day course for women at the wonderful Engine House at St Agnes on 6th and 23th July. Having been a participant in a group with Fiona some years ago now I can thoroughly recommend her approach. My experience was that she created a safe and thoughtful atmosphere where people could share with each other, and learn from her immense experience and knowledge.

For more information visit: or to book, email  or phone 01872 555939

"Daring to Blossom: A Time for Growth"
 Saturday 21 July

Step into the energy of high summer in the wonderful and peaceful 
Pinetum Park and Pine Lodge Gardens, near St Austell.

Share a day with a small group to explore how some deceptively simple coaching techniques combined with taking time to access your own intuition can enable you to gain clarity and move forward.

Outline Programme: 
♥ Introduction to life coaching, my background and the format of the day
♥ Visualisation/meditation
♥ Sharing exercise combined with introductions
♥ What is growth? Exploring what it means for you and in what areas of your life it is important to you now
♥ Coaching techniques* and a chance to try them out
♥ Lunch and a walk in the gardens
♥ Creative exercise: access your insights without words and make a memento to take home. Relax, play and have fun, NB no artistic skills required!
♥ Sharing creative experiences and intuition
♥ Closing visualisation and goodbyes.

Throughout the day there will be a mix of individual activities, discussion in pairs and with the whole group. You are totally free to participate and share as much or as little as you wish. There will be a morning and afternoon coffee break and regular changes of pace.

The programme will be similar to the outline above – and also every event is a unique experience. Each group is special and different and each person present brings their own individual contribution and takes away some particular nuggets of meaning just for them.

*The benefits of these techniques are that you are given a chance to focus on particular aspects, answer guided questions and see where you want to be next, or sometimes how you want to be next. Then you can use suggested exercises to decide what route to take to achieve this.

My book Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity, contains many more exercises. Signed copies will be available to buy at a workshop special discount (£6.50 instead of £8.95) for those attending – and with a personal inscription for you if you wish.

Times: arrival from 9.30 a.m. for refreshments, start at 10.00 a.m., finish at 4.00 p.m.

Bring: a notebook, and a packed lunch.  Coffee, tea etc and biscuits will be provided.

Price: £60 per person, see Early Bird offer below for bookings made before 30 June.

Early Bird offer: pay only
 £30 for bookings received with payment before 30 June. To secure your place book via this link or email me to arrange another means of payment or instalments

You will find information on my background on my website and you are very welcome to 
email me or call 07778 771021 before booking for more information. Group sizes are limited so do book early if you feel this is for you. To read feedback from people who have attended past Dare to Blossom workshops, click here.

Advance notice of the next event:

Saturday 20 October 2012: A Time for Reflection and Renewal: Details to follow

Inspiring links:

Start with 'Why?': I was recently introduced to this in a presentation at a local event. For those of you in business and perhaps struggling with a seeming conflict between your values and making money, you may find this approach interesting. You may not agree with everything Simon Sinek says, but I have found the concept of 'Start with Why' very helpful. What do you think? Do let me know by commenting on my blog here

The power of words: I had heard this story before but not seen this video representation.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested. P
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