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July 2015: Finding my place

Reflections: Finding my place
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Reflections: Finding my place
It is hard to believe that it is just one month since I ended my full time employment and returned to being self-employed. I would always say I loved my role with Outset Cornwall because every day was different. And it was, different people, different places, variety of activities. However there was always a structure, a plan. I could look in my diary and tell you where i would be months in advance.

And now everything is different. I am free to choose, to decide my own structure. People often talk about someone's whole identity being tied up in their job, or at least their career, and the ending of that being a huge blow. I feel I am fortunate in that Dare to Blossom has existed since 2003, and I had been doing what I do for many years before that. So I have some continuity there, it feels like a return, a coming home, rather than a loss.

However, there has still been a big adjustment to make, a redrawing of my life. And an intention to do things differently this time, to honour and nourish my own needs as well as those of others; to give myself space and time; to notice when I start slipping into guilt and fear. One of those needs is of course the need to generate some income, bring in some money. Like many of the people I have coached over the years, I too have that issue of asking for money for what I do, of valuing my own contribution.

So, the last few weeks, after the much-needed rest, have been a gradual exploration of exactly what that contribution is - not just of course what I can offer, but also if people want and need it enough to be able to offer the payment I need to continue doing what I do. And it is not just about money, I would like the pricing and exchange, whether of money or services, to be right for the person and for me; for there to be a way of establishing a meeting point where those things can all work together.

In the course of doing research for this I have been out and about over the last couple of weeks attending 'networking' events of various sorts. It has been an interesting experience: when I worked part-time I used to do quite a lot of this for Dare to Blossom; then with Outset just a little, always with my 'Outset' hat on. I was proud to represent a programme that I believed in and could demonstrate helped people achieve lasting change for themselves.

Returning to these sort of events, often reconnecting with people I know in other organisations or in their businesses, has been an interesting experience. At times I have felt totally out of place, even (or perhaps particularly) where I have met ex-colleagues and previous contacts.

How do we define our place in the world? We probably all have overlapping 'places' with corresponding ways of being that we operate in each of those. I have just stopped writing to draw myself a doodle-picture of overlapping circles. It is a little like the 'Wheel of Life' exercise (if you aren't familiar with this you can download a printable pdf from my site here **see note below) but a bit different as I have tried to highlight where all of those circles or places overlap. I am in the centre anyway and right at the core of me is the overlap of the circle for each 'place'.

I am sure there is a fully developed psychological model of all this which I could look up and download all sorts of details and beautifully prepared diagrams. And I am sure that in reality each circle probably overlaps more or less, rather than equally, leading to many more possible combinations and interpretations. However, I am going to leave all that for another time - and for you to follow up if you would like to. For now, I am going to ask my faithful Inner Critic to close her eyes while I share with you my in-the-moment, wonkyily-drawn, top-of-my-head - or should that be from-the-heart? - picture.

Overlapping places diagram

In the Wheel of Life it is possible to have a lot more spokes than I could draw circles here, so under 'Spiritual' I am including everything that nourishes me and my creative life: reading, writing, meditating, singing, dancing, gardening, walking - a long list

The red dot in the middle could be a heart: that is the 'place' where I would like to spend most of my time. The heart of who I am, what I do, what I stand for. The place where I am in the flow, in alignment. Where everything is balanced wherever I am in my world.

I intended to write more, but now that feels a good stopping point. Maybe I will share more of my own journey home to myself, of rediscovering my place, my centred heart, another time.

For you: to reflect in your journal or meditations:
- where are you right now?
- where do you feel 'at home', in your true place?
- how can you find your way to bring those two into closer alignment?
- explore however works for you: meditation, flow-writing, vision board collage, doodling with circles and labels.

** The Wheel of Life file has been designed to help people prepare for their first coaching session with me, hence the questions at the end. I offer a no-obligation 20 minute consultation if you would like to follow this up for yourself.

I will end by sharing a photo of one of my favourite physical places, taken sitting on the rocks at Trevone Bay enjoying the glorious view.

view from rocks at Trevone Bay

Dare to Blossom Events

Lots is happening over the next couple of months to tell you about. Please do contact me.if you are interested in more information or in booking. Where possible I will give a discount for you as a loyal newsletter subscriber. I would be very grateful also if you will circulate to any of your networks and contacts where you feel people may be interested.

Thank you to those of you who are taking part in the virtual event 'Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride'. If people find it enjoyable and useful I will be running similar groups again in the future which you can access from anywhere in the world either on Facebook or by joining an email group.

Magic Carpet Ride to Rediscover Your Inner Wisdom: Glastonbury 21 July
Booking page

Where: The Miracles Room, High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DU Please note: there are stairs to reach this room.
When: Tuesday 21 July 2015 from 10:00 to 13:00
How much: £25.00 per person, including materials for creative exercises (bring your own journal or notebook if you wish), and hot and cold drinks during the morning. Price on the day (if places are available): £30.00
Details: This half-day workshop with give you a chance to step aside from daily life and join a group of like-minded people to explore the potential that lies in rediscovering your inner wisdom and coming home to yourself. Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards as prompts we will enjoy conversation, reflection, creative activities and plenty of laughter.

Dare to Blossom Rediscovery at Home Events: time and place of your choosing
If you can't get along to Glastonbury, I will be organising workshops in locations in Cornwall, Devon, and possibly elsewhere in the autumn, in the meantime you might like to consider hosting your own event at home? I have included the details in previous newsletters so will just put a link here.

Other events

Lapidus 11 July Truro

Link for more details

At the monthly Lapidus Cornwall ("Words for Well-being")meeting I am running a short workshop from 10.30 to 12.00, see the details below. No charge for Lapidus members, £5.00 for non-members. Please contact me to book as we have a small room above the Old Globe Cafe in Truro so I will need to check with the co-ordinator, Jane Moss, how many people have booked to make sure there are places available. Here are the details that have been circulated:

On Saturday 11 July Mary Lunnen will lead a workshop using her Dare to Blossom Redisovery cards as prompts; an opportunity to 'Rediscover your Inner wisdom and come home to yourself.' Mary will invite the group to write and reflect, sharing as much or as little as you wish. Over a period of three years, the cards have proved a valuable tool in coaching and inner vision. To quote just one testimonial: "It  has been such a positive experience using the cards in my journaling - affirming, insightful and fruitful."

Mind, Body, Spirit Fair 11 am - 4 pm, Saturday 8 August, Lostwithiel Community Centre

This is the first time I have booked a show as Dare to Blossom. After years of exhibiting my jewellery as Pydar Crafts, it will be both a return and a new experience for me. Please do come along if you are in the area. Lostwithiel is such an intriguing town, full of history. The August events were not on the Community Centre Website when I looked but by the time you read this they may be. The organiser told me it is the first event of this kind they have held there and she has received a lot of interest, so I am sure it will be an interesting and enjoyable day.

Finally this month, here is a workshop I am attending in Glastonbury the day before I run my own event there. Perhaps you'd like to join me and come along to both?

Pink Crystal Angel Workshop with Diane Kutz.

Booking page
I have known Diane for a number of years and have experienced the way she works before, though not at a full day workshop so I am looking forward to spending some time with her and the group of people she will attract.

As always, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and comments. 

If you would like to own a set of cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page. Those you who have been newsletter readers for a while may know I currently have three websites, none of which is quite doing the job I would like it to. So I have finally taken the plunge and begun the process of working with a web designer to have a new structure  built for me. As the first stage is for me to become clear on exactly what I want, this may take a while. And that is all OK, it will all come together at the right time.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

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