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Reflections: Being, being in peace

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Reflections: Being, being in peace
Today I am reflecting on a whole year as well as the last month. On 20th October a small group gathered for the last of the 2012 Daring to Blossom workshops, this time on the topic of "A Time for Reflection and Renewal". It was a glorious autumn day and we were able to spend a good part of the time either walking around the gardens at Pine Lodge or sitting outside on the terrace.

During my preparations the day before I worried about doing things right, providing what people wanted - and I awoke on the morning of the workshop in the middle of a confused dream about getting lost in a dark and muddy and rather threatening landscape. My dear friend Anna sent me a message of support with the following question from Dain Heer's work: 
"What energy, space and consciousness can I be to have total clarity and ease in all of this?" 

I focused simply on 'what can I be?' and found this thought very helpful throughout the day. Interestingly, there was a discussion about what can appear to be a dilemma. How can we reconcile the concept of being in the moment, being in the flow, with goal-setting and achievement and making plans for the future? My view has evolved over the years that there is a place for both these approaches, and the 'being' is facilitated by deep reflection on what I want to achieve, and why, before starting out on any planning or action.

During the workshop we all chose a 'Daring to Blossom' card (the prompt cards I've had printed that give just one word to focus on for meditation or writing). My card that day was 'Peace', which felt so much both a reflection of the experience we had all just shared, and of my aspirations. To be in peace, to live in peace, to bring a feeling of peace to others.

Following this, I came across this passage on page 207 of The Storm before the Calm, book 1 of Neale Donald Walsch's new series 'Conversations with Humanity':

"So coming from "being" does not mean the abandonment of "doing". It means our doing is sponsored by a different source. When action is an expression of "being", it becomes a powerful demonstration of who we are. When an action is undertaken for "actions's sake", it rarely achieves anything lasting. When action emerges as the natural expression of what one is being, such action impacts and changes the world."

Both these writers have helped me see and link into how I have been feeling, and the theme I started 2012 with "Seeing You, Being You", still feels relevant here. In fact, on reflection, I feel perhaps reversing the words is helpful: when I am truly being me, I can really see myself, and I am unafraid to share that true self with others. And to distill it even more: "Being" is the core; choosing how I choose to be in any moment impacts on me, and on those around me. Impacts without me "doing" anything.

For you: some suggestions for your journal or meditation reflections:
  • How do you choose to be today? Perhaps start by stopping, taking a few deep breaths, and tuning into what is really happening for you and your body right now.
  • Are you tense, and sitting awkwardly? Can you choose to be more comfortable? Are you thinking negative thoughts? Can you choose to change those thoughts? Are you smiling? Or are you frowning or down-at-the-mouth? (It is well-proven that simply smiling can make you feel better).
  • For today: choose a word, either at random from a book or dictionary, or one that comes to mind, and - if it feels positive to you - look at how you can "be" more of that quality in your life today.
  • An extension of this is to do some flow-writing around the word. Take a blank page in your journal or notebook, check the time (perhaps even set an alarm) and write for ten minutes without stopping. No reviewing or editing, no self-censorship by that internal critic, no thinking, just let the words flow onto the page and follow where they take you.
  • When your time is up, read through and highlight words or phrases that stand out. Use these for personal insights - sometimes you will have written something you didn't know you were thinking or feeling. You can use parts to polish into a more formal piece of writing or a poem if you wish.
I mentioned at the beginning of this piece that I am reflecting on a whole year. Next Saturday is my sixtieth birthday, and last year I resolved to make it a special year. I feel it has certainly been that and I will be continuing with more in-depth personal reflection on that, some of which I will share with you I'm sure.

And the next year will be another new beginning (as is each new day), I feel a lightness and joy and resolve to continue feeling connected to that - I will remember to be "Sixty going on six" and allow myself plenty of time to play - and just be.

New ideas are opening up for taking Daring to Blossom to another level all together. My heart-felt thanks to all of you who have been my companions through this year - at the workshops, as coaching clients, in my daily work, and through emails, text messages and phone conversations.

Keep reading these newsletters for what happens next...............!

Inspiring links and events

Healing with the Masters Series
There is a literal host of amazing video and audio material on this website, plus the opportunity to join live web casts too. Some is available at no charge and you can choose to subscribe for more. Every time I have dipped in there has been a nugget of joyful wisdom awaiting me.

Daring to Blossom talks
As well as the workshops I have been invited by various groups to talk at regular meetings this year. Thank you for those invitations, they have been much appreciated and have helped me in daring to blossom in a new way.

The talks this year have been tailored for each group (so you won't get a standard 'one size fits all' presentation), and they have been interactive - giving those present a chance to learn a new tool or technique, practise it and take ideas away for future use. There is a charge for my time that is negotiable depending on the location, duration and size of group, please do contact me if you would like to know more and book a date for your group in 2013.

Thank you for reading. 
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