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November 2015: Lost for Words

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Reflections: Lost for Words 

Reflections: Lost for Words

Sitting down to write to you this month, I truly do feel lost for words. I do a lot of writing: daily (except Sundays) I write a reflection on my 'card of the day' on the Dare to Blossom Facebook page (link in the box on the left if you would like to take a look); I write emails - often long and detailed for various reasons - to friends, family, people I am coaching; currently I am writing content for my new website. A lot of writing. So, sitting here, I feel lost for words, empty.

Maybe that is a good thing? Maybe - as in a coaching session - silence is to be welcomed, rather than something to be afraid of? Leaving a space to breathe, a blank canvas, room for the new. Now I am doing more painting again I am coming back to that feeling of not knowing, not needing to articulate or frame. Especially with the abstract, intuitive work - learning to just let the colours do what they do, look at the patterns later and see if any adjustments or additions would add to the final result - or if best left alone.

As with this painting - after I had drawn the heart shape with ink, and decided not to worry that it was lop-sided, not 'perfect', I was able to let the wax paint medium flow and make the patterns, with a little help from me. The result I have titled "My lop-sided heart".

Coming back to writing, feeling into this, letting each moment expand and evolve as it will; letting the words fall onto the page (or the screen) straight through my fingers - barely thinking at all. Is this lazy? An excuse for not revising and polishing? Or does getting out of the way, sometimes at least, enable the thoughts to flow more lucidly, with more clarity, than when I try to analyse and justify?

I don't know the answers to these questions. Indeed I don't know if there are any answers. At the moment I am reading two books that are taking me along with them on this. One is
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, a book I know some of you will have read too. There is so much good stuff here, I feel I will want to to go right back and start at the beginning when I finish it. I don't feel I am ready to summarise anything for you but will give an example. In a chapter on 'Trust' she talks about creative people being addicted to suffering, and, even if they say they love their work, they are horrified when asked if their writing, or their art - what ever it is - loves them.

The other book is
Conscious Writing by Julia McCutchen. I attended a retreat with Julia in May 2014, at which time she was developing this work and the book that has now evolved from that. In a piece on intuition she writes: "Intuition is a distinct sense of direct Knowing that transcends the use of intellectual reasoning."

In my current 'lost for words' state, I don't feel able to use any 'intellectual reasoning' to develop any deep conclusions to offer you from these two examples - so I simply offer them as ideas to explore further if you wish. Maybe a shaft of light will illuminate the way for us?

For you: to explore in your journal or meditations:
- Is there any aspect of your life where you feel 'lost'
- Are you able to hold that lost feeling gently and let it be the way it is?
- Can you somehow be comfortable with 'not knowing', for a while at least?
- If words are not the way to explore these questions, maybe you would like to collage, paint, doodle, draw?


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