Tuesday, 31 March 2015

April 2015 Changes, and Rest

This month's offering is very short, in fact it nearly didn't happen at all - and that would have been fine. As it is I have written on the issue that is most concerning me at present, and I hope you may find some inspiration and/or support here.

Reflections: Changes, and Rest

Looking for some inspiration this month, I have been browsing through the old archives of my newsletters, back to before I started posting them on my blog sites. I found this one from March 2009 when I was looking ahead to the end of a contract.

This year, six years on, I am in the same situation. At the end of May the current Outset Cornwall programme will come to an end, the team will disperse with big changes for everyone.

For a long time I have been planning to step up more into my Dare to Blossom work and have started developing plans for new workshops and programmes. However, I have also realised that what I need most of all is a rest. A real rest, not just an hour or so, not a rest whilst feeling guilty about not doing other things - a real rest.

So that is what I will be doing on 1 June, and for as long after that as I need. At the same time I know I will enjoy the time I will have for planning and creative development.

I have a feeling that many of you will share that longing for rest and time out. One of the ideas that is bubbling away in the background is to offer a chance for you to do that - in a way that would suit you best. The ideal is probably a retreat, or at least a full day somewhere beautiful and peaceful. And there are ways of providing a taste of that through reading, writing, coaching and participation in on-line groups.

This time last year i was looking forward to attending the first Conscious Writing Retreat at Glastonbury with Julia McCutchen. She is running another one this May, I think there is still time to book if this appeals to you. I can highly recommend the whole experience and hope to be taking part again in the future.

Another aspect of 'rest' that I am well aware of - but keep on being reminded by my body to pay attention to - is that I don't need to wait until... until the weekend, until my holidays, until 1 June. In fact if I do push myself more and more I am nearly always brought up quickly by something that forces me to take time out. Ideally I would listen more closely to the whispers of my body before it needs to shout loudly through illness and accident. 

For you, in your meditations or journal writing:
- what would your body like you to do to rest, right now?
- write a list of actions you can take within your normal day, for example: five minutes of yoga; 60 seconds of mediation on your breath; ten minutes walk in the park; half an hour reading, writing or painting; ten minutes playing with your pet.
- over the next month, choose one or more to do every day, notice if you are able to do this and if not, why not. (Be kind to yourself, choose a less challenging action and try again). Journal on how it feels and what else you can do.

Looking for an image to illustrate 'changes, and rest', I came across this photo taken in the bluebell woods at Lanhydrock last spring. The flowers and the fresh green of the new beech leaves last for a short time before nature's changes move them on into their next phase. At the same time the cool shade, the soothing blue, the peace of the woods - all form the perfect environment in which to rest.

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Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

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