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January 2015

Reflections: Trust

Trust - such a short word, with such a weight. The Cambridge Dictionary speaks of hope or belief that something is true. Stories tell of taking the leap and trusting the bridge will appear.

Recently my friend Mary of
Star Therapies, recently wrote of choosing her 'word for the year' for 2015, and when I decided to do the same I immediately knew it would be 'Trust'. Interestingly, (and I had to go and check) - it is not one of the words in the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Pack.

So, what will having this word - Trust - as my companion, my mantra, for the year mean for me? Maybe I won't be able to answer that until this time next year. I intend that it will serve as a reminder: a reminder to trust, to trust myself first of all. I have many qualities that I often do not appreciate myself. I have strengths as well as the weaknesses that I am more prone to focus on; skills acquired over many years; experience that guides me in my next steps; intuition that comes in when sometimes it seems all else has failed.

This photograph for some reason came to mind - it was taken one spring in Trewidden Garden, one of the great Cornish gardens near Penzance. As we walked through the wood we saw this sculpture in the distance and eventually found our way to it around the hollow.

The meaning for me, today, is the unbroken circle, the circle of the seasons, of life itself. This particular circle is firmly anchored in the ground, in the earth. So this has a message for me at this time of the turning of the year, of the seasons as well was the artificial date of 1 January. A message to trust in the process, to remain grounded, to be patient and at the same time focused.

For you, to explore in your journal and meditations:

- Would you like to choose a word for your year ahead?
- Write down the first few that come to mind, look at them, perhaps leave them and come back a few times, see which word stands out to you. If you have a pack of Dare to Blossom cards you could use these to help you choose, or you might like to use a dictionary or other prompts.

- Would you like to explore 'Trust' for yourself? Write, draw, paint, male a collage, whatever works for you.

Any of these activities link in with your planned New Year journaliing, making a vision board, what ever other ways you have of setting intentions for the year ahead.

If you would like to share your thoughts please do post comments below

Launch of "Rediscover your Focus" - Special offer for readers

During this time, the 'gap' between Christmas and New Year, I have been refocusing on where I want the months ahead to take me; what I want to be doing; how I wish to be feeling. When I first began my practice as a life coach in 2003, I used a form for clients to prepare for each coaching session on the phone. Looking at this again, it is still useful, even though the way I work has evolved so much since those early days of feeling my way.

My name for it then was a 'Focus Form'. And that word, that concept - Focus - feels important for me right now. I am again feeling my way. Feeling my way to trust more, worry less; to create more and plan less strictly; to laugh more and frown less. 'Focus' now signifies for me intention; clarity; truth; and the spark. The spark of the new, of the spontaneous leap into being of a new idea; a painting; a story.

Feeling my way through this flow writing that I am sharing with you. Sharing, and feeling vulnerable again. Knowing that coming to this place usually means I am uncovering something deeply true for me. Sharing with you in case it helps you too. If not, I know you will simply pass on, not even read these words. If it resonates with you, as I know from your emails that these ramblings often do, if so - please feel welcome to walk a few steps with me. Share our way together for a while, learning from and leaning on each other. Sharing warmth and inspiration; stories and visions; laughter and tears.

Laughing at myself now - this section, efficiently headed 'Launch of "Rediscover your Focus"' was intended to be a pragmatic and practical offering of a new service. Instead I have wandered off somewhere along a woodland pathway, perhaps bewitched by the magical circle of bronze in the photograph.

OK, refocus Mary! Many of you have already tried out a Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Session, and I will look forward to speaking to you if you are planning to book one for the New Year.

Diane Kutz is one of the people I worked with recently and here is her description:

"Mary’s approach is one of gentle persistence. We began the session with a short conversation and grounding meditation. Then to the ‘business’ of drawing a card (I have a pack of the Dare to Blossom cards, so was able to do this for myself). Each card I drew added another level of thought, ideas came in. Mary’s prompting enabled me to not only go with a gut instinct response to the card, but to then delve deeper, gently drawing out more insights and thoughts. It was a timely and useful session, that I will return to in the future. Thank you Mary."

Diane Kutz
– human being and follower of a Shamanic path. 

"Rediscover your Focus" is simply another way to use Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Coaching with a particular intention. This can be done at any time with any coaching, and I find it particularly helpful myself to 'rediscover my focus' at this time of year. My belief is that everyone doing this sort of work benefits from having their own support network. There are many wonderful people in mine - thank you, if you are reading this. I have some coaching sessions booked with Amy Palko, who has already helped me so much in keeping clear in my path forward.

Special offer for readers - half price 'Rediscover your Focus' sessions
Last month I promised you another special offer: I have spaces to work with five people over the next few months. So the first five to book will receive all their sessions (up to a maximum of six) at fifty per cent off, half the regular price.

Full details of what you can expect and the usual prices are on the Rediscovery Process website
here. The special offer for you, if this seems to call to you at this time, are as follows: one session £45, two £80; three £112.50, six £180.

To apply for one of these special places, please contact me by email. If more than five people apply I will review then and decide what to do. We can discuss how you would like to pay. Payment is in advance, by PayPal, direct transfer, or cheque.

If you are even slightly intrigued by this opportunity, do get in touch and we can always have a chat on Skype or phone to answer any questions you may have.

Inspirational Links

This video received the most interest of anything I have ever 'shared' on my Facebook page, I think you'll see why. The title is "Jewish woman sings to a Christian lady with Alzheimer's disease."

Another one for horse and cat lovers, though I think 'cat sits on horse' might be a more accurate title!

Here is one of my favourite writers, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, in her
blog about 'The Crack Between the Worlds' at this time of year.

As always, please feel free to comment below.

If you would like to own a set of cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings. Wishing you a very special year in 2015, full of joy, laughter, and new things.

Until next time,

with love,