Come Home to Yourself - helping you rediscover your inner wisdom

The first step may be to buy your own pack of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards. The price is £12 per pack, please select your postage zone below. Postage in UK is £1.50, Europe is £3.50 and USA, New Zealand, Australia and other countries outside Europe £4.00

Postage Zones

" Dear Mary,
This is not a polite little thank you note for your rediscovery cards, but a full-on raving fan letter!
It has been such a positive experience using them in my journaling - affirming, insightful and fruitful. They are a terrific resource........ Continue reading here

The next step is to  book a Rediscovery Session by phone or Skype - for full details pop over here

If you would like to discuss with me first or ask any questions, drop me an email and we can arrange a time for a chat.

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