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November 2014

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Notices: last chance to join me at the ECL14 Conference
Reflections: Power
Inspirational links

Notices: last chance to join me at the ECL14 Conference

Regular readers will know that I attend this event every year. The date will be almost upon us when you read this: the conference takes place at Eastwood Park in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside on Saturday 8 November and Sunday 9 November. You can attend for one or both days or take up the option  as I do of arriving on Friday evening, giving me the luxury of settling in gently, and meeting with friends old and new over dinner.

As always there is a fascinating line-up of speakers running workshops including some dear friends of mine. For the programme and to find out if there are any places left, or simply to enjoy reading and following the links have a look at the Conference website.

Reflections: Power

An interesting word, 'Power'. It is one of the cards in the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Pack with a strong purple background. When I drew it out recently in my morning meditation, it arrived at an 'interesting' time for me.

So many things have been happening, some have shaken me, others have made me stop and think. Since I drew this card, the word 'Power' has been coming up in many readings and references - or I've been noticing it in any case. Either way, it has become more and more significant.

A few weeks ago, setting off early in the morning, the sunrise was so stunning I just had to stop and take photos. They were done very quickly and then I spent a moment simply basking in the glory of the light. I'll share this here even though the quality is not too good. The sky really did have shades of purple and bright pink, as well as the golden glow of the rising sun.

Natural power at the most basic and essential level. Without the power of our Sun no life would exist on the Earth. Each of us living here is linked to that power: the natural processes that make life possible, giving us air to breathe, food to eat. We humans talk about 'harnessing' power. We are also realising how often that power has been misused.

We each have personal power, how we choose to use that is up to each person. A responsibility and a joy. I am pausing here, uncertain. This piece is writing itself onto the page - where is it taking me? That is up to me surely? My responsibility, my joy, in my power to choose whether to share these words; whether to delete or edit; whether I have the courage to stand in my own power.

Personal power: just using the word 'power' about myself raises interesting reactions, feelings. A little scary, or maybe very scary in fact. So many associations with a simple five letter word. When I refer to a dictionary there are many meanings listed. The first is the sense of having 'power over' something or someone. As a collaborative person I've always preferred the idea of 'power with', of sharing, cooperating, working together.

The second definition is simply 'Strength'. A little easier for me, though even then I am not used to feeling strong. However, I know that I am - I have been able to survive all sorts of things during my life, physical and emotional, and not only survive but thrive too. In reality those things, although sometimes hard, have given me strength, enabled me to build up the 'muscles' to grow into my own power. In terms of improving physical strength the body has to have some thing to work 'against': a weight or an action such as to lift feet from the ground, to move forward. So, emotional power, spiritual power - maybe these too need an opposing force to strengthen them?

Is this another way of saying that the meaning of life may be to learn? To learn how to use each experience to increase our strength, our power for good?

A shiver has just gone down my spine as I realise that the music I am playing has just asked me, literally just this moment: 'What will it take for you to claim your power, now?' The strong woman's voice in the song gave me quite a start. The track is 'Isis' from 'Sacred Alchemy'  by Devaa Haley.

I will leave you with that thought: 'What will it take for you to claim your power?' In the words from my own website - Live a life you love. Start today. Start here! (if not now, when?)

If you would like to explore for yourself how the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Coaching Process and the Cards can help you rediscover your own power, please do contact me to arrange a time for a free twenty minute consultation.

Inspirational Links

This month I decided to explore some examples of people who have joined together in various organisations to use their power for good in the world.

I recently attended a talk at the Eden Project, by Sir Robin Hanbury-Tenison of Survival International launching an exhibition of photos of tribal people. The pictures are displayed amongst the rainforest vegetation of their native areas in the Rainforest Biome. Speaking at the event was a tribal spokesman Nixiwaka Yawanawa. I was moved by his talk and especially by the tribal chant he sang to us. Even though I did not understand the literal meaning of the words, they had power and communicated feeling.

At the end Sir Tim Smit of the Eden Project challenged us: the white, western, comfortable audience, to take action, to do something.  I have been reading the Survival International website - and the very least I can do is make a donation to support their work. Nixiwaka also asked us to write letters, write to people who have influence over what is happening to his people, and those of other tribes. For them, for ourselves and for the world.

Two other organisations I personally support are:
Kiva 'Loans that change lives' and Shelterbox

Finally, something to make you smile - an illustration of the power of now - I hope the cartoon will still be there when you click on the link.

As always, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and comments. 

If you would like to own a set of cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,