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March 2015: Fresh Start

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Reflections: Fresh Start
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Reflections: Fresh Start

Here in Cornwall, signs of spring are arriving:  snowdrops have been out for a while, daffodils just blooming, leaf buds beginning to break, and driving around the roads this week I have rejoiced to see the white lace of the blackthorn blossom just starting to shine out in the hedgerows.

Whatever has gone before, nature just gets on with it when conditions are right. My creativity feels as if there has been a long period of dormancy this winter. The sort of dormancy when you almost wonder if the dry barren twigs are ever going to show signs of life or if they have died. My plans for really starting work on a book about coming home to myself and rediscovering inner wisdom based on the Rediscovery Cards is still just a collection of blog articles.

But, but.... there are some stirrings beneath the soil; a feeling that the necessary, essential time of rest and internal nourishment may be coming to an end. In a garden you may put down well rotted manure or compost on the soil, but it takes time for the rain to wash the nutrients down into the soil before the plants are able to use them.

Things are changing dramatically for me this year and I intend to take the opportunity for a fresh start. At the same time I know that the process cannot be forced or hurried. If I keep on digging up the bulbs to see if the daffodil shoots will soon be appearing I risk damaging them so they will never flower.

All I can do is give myself good conditions for growing and be patient. At the same time I do have to DO something, and do it at the right time, in good time...... A dilemma of balance: between rest and action: thinking and meditating; focus and flexibility; being and doing.

For you: to reflect in your meditations or journal: 
  • Where is your focus right now?
  • Are you looking only in one direction?
  • Does that feel right? Or maybe it would be good to turn slowly, review the 'scenery' around you, take stock?

I have been continuing to use the Rediscovery cards for myself, daily when I can, and finding that however short the time I can spare, it is always valuable to pause for that moment. It may be the word that sparks a thought or a feeling, or the colour, or the combination of the two. When I can I share my thoughts on the Dare to Blossom Facebook page, and that process keeps me clear. Knowing that my friends there may read and comment causes me to pause and reflect on being personally authentic and true to myself in all I say and do.

If you would like to explore for yourself how the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Coaching Process and the Cards can help you rediscover your own power, please do contact me to arrange a time for a free twenty minute consultation.

Inspirational Links

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Finally, something to make you smile - take your choice of kittens, dogs, owls, plus a few others.

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