Saturday, 2 December 2017

December 2017 Questions

Welcome to the Dare to Blossom Newsletter

This is coming to you a little later than usual - for a very good reason. The 29th November was the launch of Susie Mackie's book Women of Spirit. I am proud to be one of the contributors to what is not simply a book full of moving and inspiring stories, but the start of a movement. More details below.

December! Still time to buy Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards - a perfect gift that will be enjoyed every day of the year. If you feel time is running away with you - why not ask me to gift wrap them, include a personal greeting from you, and send them direct? Just ask me when ordering (please make sure it is before the last posting date wherever you wish them to travel in the world.)

Reflections: Questions
Events: summary and links

What else is there?
Women of Spirit launch event
My Silver Tent Radio Show

Reflections: Questions

As we move into December, I intended to have  a full programme of offerings for you. As I write this piece now, on 27th November, some are already in place, and at the same time others are still floating out there somewhere in the creative soup. Not ready to be pinned down just yet. 'More questions than answers' as the saying goes.

What is out there in the distance? Beyond that cloud obscuring part of the blue sky and the landscape beyond?

I do not yet know. And so, what can I share now, today? What is ready to be told? What else is there that needs to be given more time? Time to germinate; to grow a strong root system; to produce green shoots that will withstand the buffeting of the weather in the outside world; and to produce buds, flower and form fruit.

Maybe in the same way that it is possible to change the conditions so that seeds germinate more quickly, here are some projects I can speed up. But only to a certain degree, once I reach that point I find that once again I am faced with questions. Questions I cannot yet see the answers for clearly. Sometimes the natural order, whether for seeds or for our own creative projects, just cannot be hurried. Certain things need to slot into place before others can come clearly into focus.

For you, to reflect upon in your journal, your meditations, your art work:
- What does this word - "questions" bring for you? What questions arise?
- Reflecting on 'questions about questions' has proved a challenge for me - instead of using words, maybe you'd like to try doodling, drawing, painting, using collage work instead?
- Or putting on your favourite music and dancing.
- Or getting outdoors and walking, running, swimming - whatever works best for you to access your creative mind and allow the questions time to germinate.

Events: Summary and links

Stepping into Your Power 2018 Programme Scorrier Cornwall The first workshop, is on 20th January, usual time 10-1, with a big discount for 'frequent flyers' who would like to book the year-long programme of six.

London 24th February Stepping into Your Power Following on the success of the event in August, another full day to dive in and explore together in a small group.

What else is there?
These are events already planned - over the next few weeks I will have more to share once the answers to those questions become clear.

Some of you have shared with me a deep and powerful experience in the first Dare to Blossom Point of Focus Mastermind Group during November - I can only speak for myself just now but as we draw that to a close it has been far more, far more in every way than I could possibly have envisaged.

This beautiful candle-holder - there was one on each table in The Mexican where my husband and I enjoyed a meal recently - this image illustrates how I feel at the end of this group. (Not that it will end, we are connected in our circle as long as we wish to be).

Once we have all had time to reflect and I have drawn everything I have learned into a coherent plan, then the 2018 programme will be announced. At present I see that beginning in February, and I may well be in touch before Christmas with news for those of you who like to plan ahead. If you would like to be among the first to receive an invitation to consider joining us in what may be called the Dare to Blossom Power Circle during 2018, contact me here to join the priority list.

Another trial of deep significance for me was the Dare to Blossom Quest Day that Sheryl Andrews chose to book on 4 November. Cornwall in the autumn at her wild and wonderful best.

I am so grateful for the chance to really experience for myself how powerful the Power Flower process is when someone works through it, literally stepping into their power as we step through the ancient and dramatic landscape of this special place.

A note here: No apologies for the repeated use of that word 'Power'. Feminine power, gentle power, power of community - all these ways of looking at a word that for so long, for many of us, has had connotations of fear, control, domination - this has brought me so many conversations this year. With men as well as women. People who care deeply about the future for us all, for our children and grandchildren and all living things we share this earth with - all these people are joining in moving into a different way of being.

So, to return to the magical day that Sheryl and I shared. The wind was strong and we had to keep the cards from flying away as Sheryl drew them for each point on the flower as we moved location during the day.


Sheryl has offered to share some reflections with us in the next newsletter, thank you in advance and for the whole experience. I am very grateful also to Mark who took the photographs and held the space so perfectly for the magic to happen during the day.

So, if you are feeling you'd like to join me here in north Cornwall for a Dare to Blossom Quest Day in 2018, look out for future announcements, or contact me direct  

Women of Spirit launch event

So, what can I say about such an amazing event? The launch took place at Barton Court, at Colwall, near Malvern. (A stunning wedding and celebration venue if you are looking for one). A group of people gathered, first to support those speaking to practice their words; and to make lunch and share; to prepare for the guests arriving in the evening. All flowed beautifully - many hands achieving what needed to be done.

As we gathered later, in our party outfits, welcoming people as they arrived, hugging old friends and new; joining in conversations and then listening to the so powerful stories - my overwhelming feeling was of the power of community. Most of us had only met on-line before then, if at all. The feeling of each of us using our experiences to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and to help others know they are not alone in whatever it is they are going through - that is the power that can make the world a better place. To borrow Susie's words - we are all like pebbles in a pool: we set the ripples in motion through our actions and who knows where they will reach. Click on the link to buy the book from Amazon UK, or use your favourite bookseller (my preference is for
Abe Books).

You may notice that this book is Volume One - if you would like to be included in future volumes, link up with the Women of Spirit website or Facebook group

My Silver Tent Radio Show

The Silver Tent is a conscious, creative and collaborative community supportig women over fifty. In just over twelve months the Facebook community has gown to 3422 members (by the time you read this there will be more) - and already extraordinary things are happening. In a breath-takingly short time we have between us created a calendar for 2018 and set up Silver Tent Radio - you can find a wide selection of shows here.

As always, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and comments. 

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

Saturday, 28 October 2017

November 2017: Settling

Reflections: Settling

When being prompted for a title for this newsletter for November the word 'Settling' came to mind, I am not sure why - and that is what I will explore in a moment through some flow writing.

First, I went to the dictionary, as I often do - and I find it is a fascinating word, with many meanings. Some of these are: to agree, to make comfortable, to live, to move lower, to pay, to become quiet and calm. One of the suggested origins of the word is "Old English setlan ‘to seat, place’, from settle."

The suggestion I tuned into is "to relax into a comfortable position....." This feels perfect for today, and for the act of writing this to you. Not to see it as simply an item on my to-do list, or a chore - but rather a relaxation. A settling in as if in a comfortable chair, sitting opposite you - my dear friend. Opening a conversation - and many of you do write back to me with your thoughts and comments and I so treasure those exchanges.

'Settling' also chimes, for me, with this time of year - tonight, 28th October, here in the UK, British Summer Time ends, and we return to GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. Signaling the beginning of darker evenings and mornings, cooler weather, a drawing inwards.

Last Saturday a group of women shared a beautiful day, the Mellow October Workshop - a one-day retreat that Melanie and I collaborated on together. On the day it was anything but mellow outside, with a severe gale raging, the trees thrashing around, heavy showers passing by and lashing down with rain. Every so often the clouds cleared and we saw a glimpse of sunshine.

Inside we were warm and cosy, tucked up - settled into a safe cocoon together. We are planning more events in the future, it was a joy to work together in this way. Here are some photos of the day:

Here are the cards laid out and the fire lit before everyone arrived....

Part way through...

Wonderfully messy creative play....

My corner of our 'altar' laid out around the carpet, at the end....

During the day we shared meditations, healing circles, conversation, insights, laughter and a few tears. Plus the delicious lunch that Melanie prepared for us - not to mention the lemon drizzle cake.

Such a beautiful way to spend a day, thank you so much to everyone who joined us.
So, settling - what does this word bring for you?

For you, to reflect upon in your journal, your meditations, your art work:
- What are you settling for?
- What would you like to settle into?
- Do you need to 'settle up' with someone? With yourself?
- How would you like to settle into a comfortable position?
- What is 'comfortable' for you?

Events: Summary and links
There is a lot in my calendar this month, and I am aware that giving full details of a big list of events is not helpful for everyone.

So, this month I will simply list each event and link them to my website, or to an external page if that is relevant (as in my talk on 6th November). I will be interested to hear whether you prefer this format, do let me know please. If you would like to know more and would like to talk, just book a twenty-minute complimentary consultation call through my calendar here, and we can chat over a cuppa, wherever you are in the world. As always, my one-to-one coaching programmes are available at any time.

November Online Mastermind Circle: Point Of Focus - Our relationship with money - from lack to abundance. From 1st November for four weeks. A trial circle for an in-depth exploration of many other aspects of daring to blossom during 2018.
"What's age got to do with it? Insights from a lifetime in business": 6th November 12-2, free event, talk for the Plymouth Women in Business group.
8th November, Holsworthy : Dare to Blossom, stepping into your power, an introduction, 10-2.30 - a full programme will run in 2018 if there is interest here.
18 November Scorrier, Cornwall: A Magic Carpet Ride, Unleash Your Power Within. Progress - Harvesting, 10-1, the last event of the year in our series.
Stepping into Your Power 2018 Programme Scorrier Cornwall: The first workshop, is on 20th January, usual time 10-1, with a big discount for 'frequent flyers' who would like to book the year-long programme of six.
London 24th February Stepping into your power: following on the success of the event in August.

As always, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and comments. 

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

Monday, 25 September 2017

October 2017: the space between ripening and harvest

Reflections: The space between ripening and harvest..... power and progress
Two free calls this week: on Zoom 28/9 and 29/9
Events: Point of Focus online group coaching programmes, plus workshop news

Reflections: The space between ripening and harvest..... power and progress

I began writing this for you sitting in the late September sunshine in a sheltered spot in my garden. Reflecting on a number of things I have let go, some for ever, and some for now at least. Many of the plans I shared with you in my last newsletter have either been canceled or postponed.

It seems I needed to make space. Space to sit with the questions, to be comfortable living the questions, in the words from Rainer Maria Rilke:

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

This year of unfolding, unfurling, the petals of the Power Flower with groups of women at the workshops here in Cornwall has been a joy. The slow pace, flowing with the seasons, has felt a luxury of allowing, or living the questions.

Recently, on 9th September, we arrived at the penultimate petal for this revolution, this round of unfurling: Power "Ripening" in my choice of word. In November we move on to the final petal of this cycle - Progress "Harvesting". As the year turns, the cycle of growth will begin again. Another six dates are already booked at the Blue Lotus - and details of how that series will look in 2018 are still merging for me - like the new buds that lie seemingly dormant for a long time.

For me, now, sitting it seems in a space between Ripening and Harvesting, it feels appropriate that that I have come to a pausing point. It is not possible in nature to hurry the ripening of the fruit, the crops, the grain. Harvest has to wait until just the right time, when everything is as perfect as possible.

We have recently been harvesting some of our apples, choosing the perfect moment - a warm dry day, a gentle breeze. The fruit too has to be just ready - ready for that moment when the apples release from the stalk into the hand with only the gentlest twist.

And so, for me, the releasing of the old plans feels as if I have allowed the new to emerge, naturally. Those ideas put to one side are not wasted - they may serve as compost, as a growing medium for the new. They may produce the shoots of fresh growth themselves, given time.

The other part of this has been that reminder to use my own tools. To return to the tried and tested processes. So, I drew a Rediscovery Card for myself: Surrender, dark green.

Yes - I have needed to do that - and to allow the ways of nature to work, to connect with that dark, rich green.

A little later the same morning I hosted one of my occasional Facebook Live calls, and during that I drew two more cards for us to focus on as a group in that moment, and for people to reflect on if they watched the recording later. First Daring, bright fresh green colour. Surrender into daring, daring to surrender.

And then Clarity - a strong warm orange colour, a perfect counter-balance to the two shades of green. Ha! Surrender, then a little daring - leading to clarity.

Here are the three cards together:

While I was on that live call I announced the new programme, an addition to the Point of Focus membership. (You don't have to be a member to take part, but you will receive a discount if you are signed up. See below for more details).

For you, to reflect upon in your journal, your meditations, your art work:
- Which part of my words here resonates with you?
- Do you tend to try and hurry the 'ripening' of your ideas and plans?
- How would it be to pause, to let nature's pace be right for you?
- How do you react to each of the words, and the colours?
- Surrender? Daring? Clarity? Dark green? Bright green? Orange?
- The three together?

Two free calls this week: on Zoom 28/9 and 29/9

So, in connection with the Point of Focus group coaching programme, you are invited to join a Zoom video-conferencing group this week - either at 9.30 am on Thursday 28th September, or at 7.30 pm on Friday 29th September. These times are UK time and we are currently on British Summer Time.

The purpose is for a group discussion where you can learn more about the programme and ask any questions you may have about coaching in general. And to link up with others around the world and experience a little of the magic of these live groups.

The calls will be recorded and shared with anyone who registers. The easiest way to connect if you are on Facebook is to visit the
Dare to Blossom Life Coaching Events page.

If you prefer not to use Facebook, you can join in by using these links. Please let me know if you are intending to join us.

Thursday 28th September call -
click here at just before 9.30 am UK time  If you haven't used Zoom before there is a short set up procedure, and you need to allow the use of your microphone so we can hear you, and your camera if you would like to be seen too. (each of these are under your control and can be turned off and on as you wish)

Friday 29th September call -
click here just before 7.30 pm UK time.

Point of Focus Coaching Group Circle One: 'Money: from Lack to Abundance'

This was an easy choice for the first topic following a poll I conducted on what the burning issues are for people. In this month-long programme we will look at how you can reduce anxiety, bring your 'money-monster' at least a little more under control, and appreciate the abundance in your life. I can't promise to make us all suddenly financially wealthy (even if you should want that) - but I can promise that practising changing your thoughts and choices can have profound effects.

Key details:

Timing: The programme will run for four weeks during November, with two live group calls a week (recordings will be shared if you are unable to attend or wish to listen again), and a private Facebook group where I will post ideas and exercises and where you can visit to share and discuss your experiences.

Price: Each month of group coaching will be priced individually: for this first run the investment is £40, with a 10% reduction if you are a Point of Focus member. (Click there for more details).

If you have any questions simply ask, and if you would like to discuss this or anything else about my services and how they could help you, book a complimentary consultation here.

Workshop News

*New Event* Mellow October - a one day retreat for women
Saturday 21st October at Polmorla, near Wadebridge, full details here
10 am - 4.30 pm
Price £45
A special event in collaboration with Melanie of Camel Estuary Counselling. We are offering our unique mix of experience, wisdom and skills to provide a day of sharing and reflection in a beautuful location, with refreshments and lunch included.

Progress - Harvesting
Saturday 18th November
at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier
10 am - 1 pm
Price: £45 (see here for full details and 'frequent flyer' discount.

As always, please feel free to comment  with your thoughts and comments. 

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

September 2017 - A Quest, and an invitation to join me + some offers expiring on 1st September

Welcome to the Dare to Blossom Newsletter

There is a lot in this issue - new ideas, thoughts, and some notices and details, so do look through first and see if any of the offers that expire on 1st September are of interest to you, I am sending this out before the end of the month to give you a little more time.

Reflections: A Quest, and an invitation to join me
Events: Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride, plus workshops in Cornwall and London

Notices: price changes

Reflections: A Quest, and an invitation to join me

This autumn, I am embarking on a quest, a journey to the edge of the land, where new horizons are visible - or maybe hidden just beyond the curvature of the earth. The literal edge, for me is exemplified by the place I sit so often, on the cliffs near my home here in north Cornwall.

Out there, beyond the horizon, is Wales, and Ireland. Looking in another direction, beyond Trevose Head, is the Atlantic Ocean, and North America.

As you, know, if you are a regular reader, I wrote about this last month. Since then something has shifted for me. In some ways plans have become more clear. In other ways the emergence of this new focus has slowed down. Ha! The phrase 'to a walking pace' appeared in my mind - yes, of course.

A quest is at walking pace. The joy, the journey, the learning - is in those paces: one foot in front of the other; one step at a time, whether this is literal or metaphorical. My quest is towards a new version of what I do, what I have always done. In some ways I already feel I have made huge leaps forward, maybe this process is, for me, a means of grounding those leaps into reality.

Over the last year so much has changed for me, and at the same time some things have been constant: the
Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, developed over five years ago,  have been working their powerful magic with more and more people around the world. The Magic Carpet Ride workshops, which I began running under that title in 2015 (building on work I have been doing for about 15 years) - have continued with various different themes. The unfurling of the Dare to Blossom 'Power Flower', has evolved to guide people into deeper and deeper work for themselves and to take that out into the world.

All these are tools I use for myself almost daily: and with people one-to-one in coaching, as well as in groups. Finally, the 
'Point of Focus' membership is proving, as I hoped, to be literally that - a monthly point for you to check in with yourself with the help of three cards and some thoughts and prompts. Plus the option to upgrade to one-to-one time with me to support you.

As you will see below under 'Events' - some plans have already emerged: for the new Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride - an on-line circle, which will be both similar, and quite different, to previous ones. The workshops in Cornwall are continuing - completing the year-long unfurling our Power Flower.together with the final two petals - Power on 9th September, and Progress on 18th November.

The invitation mentioned earlier is for those events of course - and for the next phase. The stepping up, the emergence into a more powerful (even more powerful) stage - for me, and for you. I already know - for myself, and because those of you I work directly with tell me - that this process is transformational.

And there is more to come, a deeper, bigger, grander level  to be unleashed and explored - of me, and of You. So, my friends, are you ready to step up, to raise your hand to accept this invitation?

A quest of your own?
First - here in Cornwall. If you would love to spend a day on your own quest on the magical cliffs and beaches of Cornwall, I have three places for brave and willing explorers of potential. This will be for a pre-launch trial - there will be a cost, and this will be a fraction of the price when the premium 'VIP day experience" is launched in 2018.  We will walk and talk and unfurl your personal Power Flower as we go.(stopping of course at magical places along the way, and for coffee and lunch). Contact me if you'd like to know more.

Second - three places on a deep-dive day where we connect several times throughout one day via Zoom video-conferencing. In between those conversations you will undertake your own Quest activities. These may be meditations, writing, painting, collaging, walking, photography - whatever we put together for your individually tailored day.

For both the in-person day, and the on-line one there will be an initial conversation and a follow-up call so you are well-supported on your explorations. If you would like to raise your hand for either of these,
email me here, and we will arrange to talk. We need to be sure it will work for each of us, so it is the delicious, challenging, and magical experience that I know is potentially there for you.

I think those of you prepared to dive in will already have experienced how I work - and if you have not you can book a complimentary consultation call, a one-off Rediscovery 'Power Boost' Session, or the new "Unleash. You." coaching programme

Back to my reflections....... I am reading "Crossing the Unknown Sea" by David Whyte, sub-titled "Work and the Shaping of Identity.". So much there is triggering thoughts for me, and connecting dots.

I remember writing about energy in my 2008 book  "Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity" and discovering that the root of the word is in the Greek for 'work'. I wrote then:

"It is interesting that the word “energy” derives from the word for “work”. We tend to think of work as “using” energy, not as “being" energy. Perhaps if we look at it this way it can change our perception of work as something difficult, hard, dull, and as using up energy. The most satisfying types of work are those that do energise us, help us feel full of life and enthusiasm and the joy of living. Those activities that help us grow and evolve and develop to our highest potential."

This, this is what I intend to achieve, for myself, and for you through the "Quest to Unleash You" - finding those activities - the ones that help us grow and evolve and develop to our highest potential.

Maybe the edge, the horizon, holds those gifts for us? David Whyte says: "...I looked out, feeling a kind of magnetism to that far windswept ocean, as if aware of the forces in my future that would draw me into my work, whatever form it would take, over the horizons and unknown seas...." I have spent time on those cliffs at Trevone, many times over the years, beginning as a small girl of around seven - feeling that magnetism, feeling that pull that still draws me on. Knowing I have more to share, more to offer.

Will you join me to explore? Whether literally or figuratively, we can cross unknown seas together, maybe I can be a companion for a part of your journey?

For you: in your meditation or journal:
- what horizons are opening up for you?
- if you cannot 'see' them, as often we can't - explore if there is a way of clearing the mist, raising your vantage point, obtaining a telescope..... whichever metaphor resonated for you - to help you.
- try a visualisation you can journey (maybe on a magic carpet) - to discover what may lie beyond those unknown seas?

Events: Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride, plus workshops in Cornwall and advance notice for 2018 London & Cornwall

Unleash Your Power Within
As mentioned earlier, there are two final dates this year here in Cornwall. This has been a programme continuing steadily throughout this year, unfurling one petal of the Power Flower each time - and they also will bring great insights for you as a stand-alone event if you have not attended one before.

Power: ripening - Saturday 9th September
Progress - harvesting - Saturday 18th November

Both are at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre in Scorrier, and will run from 10 am - 1pm, The price is rising from 1st September, so you will need to be quick to book - though if you are a regular already I am freezing the price for these last two events of 2017 for you.

In addition, with thanks for your support through subscribing to this newsletter, I am happy to offer you the current price of £25, even if you have not had an opportunity to join us before - if you find the link shows the price as £45, just contact me direct by replying to this email.

Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride
Join us on a Magic Carpet Ride, as summer ripens into autumn, as the children go back to school. Here in Cornwall, I can almost feel the land herself breathing as the weight, the literal, physical weight, of thousands of tourists and their cars and caravans is lifted.
Join us for a sweet and simple journey together over 21 days, a chance to catch your breath, a time to hear yourself think. All the practical details are below, if you have any questions, just ask.

There is a free group call on Zoom on Tuesday 5th September at 7.30 pm, UK time, where you can ask questions and experience a little of how the process will work. Here is a link to Facebook to book to join that call, or contact me for the direct link to the Zoom meeting

One query that often arises I can answer now - if your location around the globe means that the coming season is not autumn for you (or even fall, as in N America) - the process will still work for you. If it is spring you will connect with the unfolding of that time of year.
We begin on Monday 18th September and share 21 days together with a daily email prompt containing a Dare to Blossom Card drawn for us as a group. There will be weekly calls on Zoom video-conferencing, three during the 21 days and a closing call after the circle has ended. The calls are on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm UK time, and will be recorded in case you are not able to join us. Once our circle has gathered we can discuss if other times would work better for you.

This programme will be self-contained if you prefer not to connect on Facebook, the daily emails and weekly calls will provide you with a rich experience. On Facebook, there will be a private group, which will open on 11th September for us to start connecting and settle in.

Advance notice of 2018 dates:
I am hoping to add more dates and maybe locations to this list, if you would like to host a workshop in your home or invite me to talk to a group you are involved with - please contact me for a discussion.

For now this is what is in my diary, maybe you would like to pencil them into yours too? Full details to follow.

Half day workshops at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier - all Saturdays, 10 am - 1pm:
20th January, 17th March, 19th May, 7th July, 15th September, 17th November

Full day workshop in Greenford, NW London: Saturday 24th February.

Talks and shows
Saturday 2nd September:
Health, Beauty and Wellbeing Fair, St Austell Arts Centre, 11-3. I will be exhibiting and giving a short talk.
Monday 6th November:
Plymouth Women in Business Networking Group The Treasury, Royal Parade, Plymouth. I attend most months, in November I will be the guest speaker - working title: "What's age got to do with it? Insights from a life in business." (with apologies to Tina Turner.) Free to attend, book tickets via Eventbrite.

And finally, for events:  another special workshop hosted by my friend Anna: 
Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Join alchemical chocolate practitioner, and shaman, Amanda Waring, in this workshop using  ceremonial cacao and unique shamanic practices to open your heart and ground your gifts. Feel empowered and welcomed as a woman. During this workshop we will initiate with the power of raw cacao, absorbing it in sacred ceremony together to allow the alchemy of the cacao deva as a spiritual ally to guide us.

Sacred Chocolate helps us integrate our dark and light side so that we can embody and share all of our gifts in this lifetime, to live your passion and let your passion live. The workshop will include cacao meditations, sacred drumming and the drinking of ceremonial chocolate. There will be moments for deep rest and reflection. Sacred cacao is needed right here, right now, to help us grow and evolve and to shift humanity into greater depths of compassion and awareness and Love.

When we transform ourselves, we transform the world.

Date: Sunday, 10th September 2017
Time: 10am - 4pm. Arrival from 9.30am, for tea
Venue: 77 Elton Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 0PP
Catering: A variety of hot drinks and snacks will be provided, but bring anything specific you need to enable you to be comfortable (such as a specific tea or type of milk). Lunch will be 'bring and share' - 'breaking bread' together is an integral part of the day. Please let me know it you have special dietary requirements.
Price: £60 per person
Booking: As space will be limited, please contact me by email, or telephone (0208 422 8306 or 07783 366904) to confirm your place. Payment will be made directly to AMANDA, and I will give you her bank details for BACS payment, OR you may pay her cash on the day.

There is more information about Amanda and her work on her website:

Notices: price changes from 1st September

The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards
will be £15 per pack, plus packing and postage to where you live. Each will contain a personal note from me. If you are a coach or a therapist and would like to purchase six or more packs as gifts or to sell to your clients - contact me to discuss discounts. The packages with the books will change also.

Dare to Blossom Workshops:
the half day events in Cornwall will be £45 per person. If you are a regular 'magic carpet rider' the last two events this year are at the previous price for you (and of course if you are joining us for the first time, just book before 1st to save £20.)

As always, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and comments. 

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

Friday, 28 July 2017

August 2017 Stepping into Power

Hello dear friends,

This is arriving early for August, the rainy weather here in Cornwall means I have had plenty of time in my office, plus there are a number of time-limited offers here, and advance notice of a revamp and change in pricing in September.

A variation in format for you this month - for those of you who also follow my posts on Facebook these photos may be familiar. However, I know many of you here choose not to be involved in social media, so I thought I would give you a taste of one of my walks. 

Welcome to some reflections on a walking meditation on the cliffs

Recently I have been working with several of my professional 'support team' - coaches and specialists of various sorts. My aim is to become more clear about the offerings I put out in the world, to enable people like you to understand what they could do for you, the difference Dare to Blossom can make to your life. And, if not of interest to you, to enable you to suggest them to people you know.

As is often the case, my coaches remind me of things I already know. This principle - which I often explain to others, is that it is impossible to see what is right under your nose. Physically - (try it) - and metaphorically, it is necessary to use a mirror. My mirror is the people I choose to work with, who, like the expert coaches they are, reflect back to me the things I cannot see, and provide a sounding board.

So, last night I drew up a Point of Focus Report for myself (click the link to find out more). This begins with three Rediscovery Cards, here are mine:

Thinking through my plans to restructure the coaching service I offer, under the working title 'Stepping into Your Power', these words  make perfect sense, and made me laugh.

Adventure: part of the new programme will be a full or half day quest, taking place outdoors on the cliffs and beaches I know and love so well. Literally stepping through a journey together with me as your companion and guide. This will be the top level of the service, a very special one-to-one opportunity.

Emerging: my ideas are emerging, and so too am I - emerging more into the world with confidence, daring to blossom indeed. The well-known quote from Lao Tzu "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." is inspiring me in this.

Beauty: the beauty of the natural world around me is a central part of my life and my work.

Today, I took a walk on those cliffs I love so much, a place I often go to reflect, re-centre and gain inspiration. It was cloudy but very warm. Here is a photographic record of the things I saw along my way:

This is the view where I park my car and change into my walking shoes. The barley in the field is just turning golden, the skylarks are singing. Today the sky is shades of slate blue and silver grey. The island in the background is called Gulland.

As I walk down the track towards the cliffs, alongside another ripening field of barley, this is the view, across Harlyn Bay to Trevose Head.

As I get to the gate onto the coastal path I look across to Tregudda Gorge and the rock stack in the distance. Today I decided to frame it with the old gateposts - a metaphor for entering in, passing through the gateway into stepping into power.

Then I turn left and walk along the clifftop, down to the rugged point where I always stop, the rocks covered with orange lichen. On the way I admire the view across Trevone Bay with the surf rolling in. The dark slash in the turf of the field is the huge 'Round Hole', caused by the undermining of the ground by the sea eroding the rocks beneath.

The first place I stop has the view back up the coast, towards Tregudda Gorge again, with the rock arches known as Porthmissen Bridge in the foreground. There are rock ledges here where many species of seabirds nest - herring gulls, fulmars, kittiwakes - these last with their haunting call of 'kitty-wake, kitty-wake.' The swell is crashing on the rocks below and up the cliffs in the distance in a spray of white foam.

As I sit here, I hear a noise very close by and look up to see a gull right in front of me. He or she is looking at me and making a chattering noise - not the loud cry but almost a chirp - sounding as if s/he is talking to me.

I climb around the front of the rocks to see the view towards the west.

Then I walk back around the rocks to the grassy spot where I used to sit with my mother, and where my brother and I  would play as young children when we lived nearby. I look up at the sky - the sun is beginning to emerge from the clouds.

With my new phone I am finally able to take selfies (though not entirely sure if that is a good thing...) I hope to use Facebook Live from the cliffs but there is no service here, so for now here is a simple photo.

I sit a while there and think about the stepping into power process and how I can use the Power Flower and the words - Peace, Purpose, Passion, Power and Progress - to form the steps that people will take in their quest - whether online or in person, here on the cliffs. I had set off that morning having drawn my card of the day - Belief, a soft blue shade echoing the shades in the sea. Exploring my belief that this can work, it can help those who are drawn to the process to take real steps, to make real progress forward in their lives.

(It was only when I got home that I found that in my haste earlier, I had posted the wrong photo - Peace, also a blue colour. I laughed at that as Peace is the centre point, and the starting point in the Power Flower. A process of grounding and establishing firm roots - and Peace was exactly what I had been experiencing in my walking meditation.)

So I turn back, up the cliff, towards my starting point. The view from the top is always one I stop and enjoy.

Then, I pass the gateway I showed you earlier and walk round to my other favourite place, the other side of Porthmissen Bridge, where I find my seat on the fragrant turf. The smell of the wind on the cliffs is hard to describe - a mix of hay, flowers, sea air.....

Here is the view below my feet, the archway with two caves going right through the rocks, where the tide rushes in and out when it is high. The patterns in the rock look like the bones of an ancient animal to me, or the ribs of the land herself.

Slightly to the right I can see the waves breaking on the rocks below me. Then I notice this tiny burrow in the grass - I wonder what little creature made this, a vole maybe?

Further to my right again I look out across the sea to Gulland Island....

I sit here for a long time, not really thinking. Meditating, asking for guidance for how to explore and develop a way of offering this to you. I don't write anything, even though my little notebook is in my bag as always. Absorbing, being part of nature and the land.

When I finally set off home I stop to look back at Porthmissen Bridge from another angle and take these two photos: 

Turning, I say my goodbyes for today, and walk back along the track to my car.

The walking meditation described above took place last week. A few days later, on another walk in the same spot I took some of my 'tools' with me. To help me in developing my work, to reach more people, to be clear about how what I can offer helps, to ....... 'Dare to Blosssom' more myself.

I have been seeing this work as a quest, an inner journey to find my next steps, new purpose. Undertaking some of this work out on the cliffs has been truly wonderful - and I appreciate more and more how lucky I am. And - that I can share this with you. Part of the development is ways of doing that - ideally with you joining me here in Cornwall - and, if you are unable to do that, through my photography as part of my online groups and 1:1 programmes.

Yesterday I noticed this cloud formation.... for me, it conveys the birth of ideas, inspiration. When I reached one of my favourite rock seats, and found a spot out of the strong wind that was blowing, I began drawing cards for myself for each stage of the Power Flower. I am not ready to share them all yet - but here is the one that came out for Purpose - Aspiration. Another word, like inspiration, associated with the breath......

As you see, I have 'dismantled' the Power Flower graphic. I drew a card for each part, starting with the centre, Peace, then Purpose (as shown above), Passion, Power, and Progress. I am still working with exploring the insights of the cards that emerged for all those and may share with you another time.

And so my quest continues.....maybe you will join me to embark on your own journey in September? There will be several ways to do this, through the magic of the Internet we can be half a world away and still work closely together. I am seeing each of those words as a prompt. And they could be the heart of a seven step programme, for example: 
  • Where are you now? 
  • Peace – where is your sweet quiet centre point?
  • Purpose – what do you want to achieve, what is your gift to share with the world?
  • Passion – why? Why do you do what you do? Why do people respond to you and your work?
  • Power – how will you ‘power’ this, what is your essential and guiding light within?
  • Progress – when? When you will do this and how will you make it happen – the next small step.
  • Review and celebration – how far have you travelled? Where next?
This unfurling of the power flower could be done in a single day together, in person. It can be in the 1:1 coaching sessions on Zoom video-conferencing (probably an hour at start and finish and five half hours for the steps in between). It will be the seed from which I will develop the next online group Magic Carpet Ride Circle programme to start in October. And will continue to be the basis of the evolving workshops.

As you see through me sharing the workings of my own process with you here, this is all very new and still germinating. Putting it out publicly feels a little like putting a delicate seedling outside in the air, exposed to the sunlight, the wind, the rain for the first time to 'harden off'. By the time I write the September newsletter for you the plant will be strong and sturdy, ready to bloom, bear fruit and support others.

For you, in your meditation or journal:
- What does 'Purpose' mean for you?
- Where do you feel resistance to the word, the idea?
- If you do, why do you think that is arising, now?
- How can you feel more comfortable with that?
- And, what else is there?

Use any medium that feels good to you - flow-writing, collage, art (including doodling...), and/or simply sitting and asking and then receiving answers.

In September, as part of this review and growth, my prices will be changing. One of the challenges for any of us in pricing our own work, especially when that is a service, is to truly value what we do. As mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter, I have been investing in my own support team over the past few months (see below for the 'credits' for each of them). They have helped me - along with many of you here - to recognise how much I have been actually devaluing my work by not pricing it fairly for the effort and energy I put into it.

Whatever I decide to do, I appreciate more than I can say all the support you give me. Some of you have been reading this newsletter for years, and many of you comment regularly and send me feedback. So whatever I decide to do on pricing, there will always be special offers to show my gratitude for your friendship and loyalty. And, as I have always done, I will continue to offer special rates in particular circumstances too.

For now though, nothing has changed. There are still some places on the special offer of two sessions for the price of one, just visit the
Welcome page and scroll down to purchase 'while stocks last', or until the end of August, whichever comes first. Speaking of stocks, the same applies to the packs of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards - the repackaging is taking much longer than I expected so the price is still the same at the moment (£12 plus p&p), as it has been for around five years. You will also find there special offers on buy the cards with the Companion guide.

London: "Unfurl your power within"
- 12th August, 9.30 to 4.30 - £65 - there are still just a few places left, if you are one of those not leaving London in August for holidays in Cornwall (or elsewhere - it just seems to those of us who live here that everyone from the rest of the UK comes here on holiday.....) - why not join me for a very special day.
Book here.

Cornwall: "Power: Ripening" - our year-long unfurling of the Power Flower continues at the Blue Lotus at Scorrier on 9 September (with the final petal, "Progress: Harvesting"  the topic for the final workshop on 18 November). Please note: from the 1 September the price for these two workshops (a half day, from 10-1 each time) will rise from £25 to £45. If you are a regular, the price will be fixed for you at £25 for each of these two events. And, if you have been meaning to join us - well here is your chance to book before the price rise.

And finally.....roll the credits....
In some ways I hesitate to mention names as so many, many people help me with my work and my life. Some are professionals whose services I buy, others with whom I do exchanges and co-coaching. Not to mention family, friends, clients, people I meet in groups on-line, writers whose work I read.... etc, etc. If that includes you, please know how truly grateful I am to you.

Here is a flower especially for each of you: thank you for helping me 'blow my own trumpet' in a way that tells people how I can help and still feels (just about) OK for me.

So, over the past few months I have benefited from the services of these three people, amongst all those others referred to above,. Each with a very different style, each giving me a part of the jigsaw of how I want the next version of my work and my business to be, which has combined with the support of everyone else to produce the unique offering that is mine to give.

Nicci Bonfanti of Trusted Sales Dynamics, and in particular her 'Sell like a woman' Programme. This helped me see there are different ways to sell what I do, other than the traditional 'hard-sell.'

Amy Palko's Goddess Guidance, a delicious, and intriguing mixture of legend, archetype, insights, magic - and very practical guidance on developing our work in the world.

Sheryl Andrews of Step by Step Listening, the 30-day clarity programme has - literally - helped me see more clearly, and move forward with confidence. As Sheryl describes on her website, one of the biggest lessons for those of us helping others is to apply our own tools, something we all know, and often (or I do anyway) forget to actually do.

And so, during August - as well as visiting London to stay with my dear friend Anna who is hosting the workshop in her home, I will be developing these ideas and gaining clarity on new offerings for you. Building on the solid foundations I have built over the last 14 years since I started Dare to Blossom, and growing into the new programmes, stronger, more vigorous, more powerful, than what has gone before.

As always, please feel free to comment below.

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

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