Thursday, 31 July 2014

August 2014

Reflections: Change

Today as I begin writing this piece for you, I am thinking about all the changes that have taken place for me over the last month. This photograph was taken on the cliffs near Trevone. I've not yet been able to identify the plant - obviously in the same family as the dandelion.

I love the way the seeds appear to be about to explode outwards. In reality they are dependent on the wind to scatter them, but still, each seed has the promise of future growth, of stored energy, just awaiting the right time to burst into growth.

I set out for my walk that day with my mood matching the weather, grey and sombre, but calm and quiet. The sea and sky were both wonderful shades of slate blue-grey and silvery mirror effects. As I started looking at the miniature world around me and photographing the plants, I lost myself in the joy of observation and appreciation.

There is maybe no real connection between this photo and the subject of change, although it has enabled me to make a start on writing this. For me, it has been a time of upheaval, and a realisation that change is the only constant in life.

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves: we must die to one life before we can enter another." Anatole France (from 

I began this intending to share a long piece of flow writing about the recent changes in my life, and then I decided that while it had been good to write, it was not, this time, meant to be shared.

I had been thinking about how, as well as the big things that cause us grief in life, most obviously the death of loved ones, the disintegration of an important relationship,  or even the loss of a pet as I recently experienced, there are many other times when we feel grief. My experience is that I rarely allow myself to experience this fully. Not to 'wallow' in it for too long (nothing wrong with a bit of wallowing though!) - but to allow the feeling to be expressed. Ideally to be expressed in a way that does no harm to myself or others. Then allowing the feeling to flow through me and go, having served it's purpose.

So often I have not known how to express strong feelings, and have either suppressed them or let them burst out in unhelpful or even hurtful ways.  I have learned some means of doing this now, and have also become aware that it is 'OK' to ask for help. In preparing to write this today I drew a card:

This made me smile and reminded me that every change is an opportunity, if I choose to take it. The help I received with the process of dealing with the sad and sudden loss of my cat Mr B, and the big change of the arrival (much sooner than expected) of a new feline companion, Sparky, is an example, not just of opportunity, but of wonderful synchronicity.

Last year at Soleira Green's workshop I met Janette Colloby of 
Divine Equine Wisdom. Janette works with her horses to access ancient wisdom and intuitive readings. I was aware then that I wanted to experience this for myself but an occasion did not arise. A few weeks ago we reconnected via one of Soleira's on-line groups. Just after that Sparky arrived and his settling-in period was very difficult so I decided now was the time for a reading.

The guidance that emerged was exactly right for me and an amazing experience, helping me connect with Sparky and to see more clearly my future path. Many of my family and friends have a big involvement with horses themselves so maybe you will resonate with Janette's work. My experience is different - I admire horses as beautiful and majestic animals, and have not wished to be involved in riding. This did not matter, connecting as fellow entities in the journey of life - in this case remotely via Janette - has been profound and moving.

For you: some suggestions for your journal or meditation reflections:
- What changes are happening around you?
- Are they prompting any strong emotions for you?
- How can you express these in a safe and helpful way?
- Do you need to celebrate, grieve, or mark the changes with a ritual of some kind?

Be gentle with yourself while doing this, you may need extra self-care, and perhaps support from a trusted friend, or a professional, if strong feelings arise that are not easy to resolve by yourself.

Even though the focus of my work is about coming home to myself and that we all have the wisdom we need within us - I know all too well that I cannot always see this. Sometimes a helper to act as a mirror and a champion, standing by my side and cheering me on, is essential for me to to be free to take the next step.

Before I leave you, here is a photo of Sparky taken a couple of days ago, having settled in as 'boss' in my study/office, looking a little cross at being 'snapped'.

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